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Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Smart Airfare LLC recognises that modern slavery and human trafficking are significant global issues presenting a challenge for businesses worldwide. Smart Airfare is committed to improving its practices to combat slavery and human trafficking. Smart Airfare has a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and is committed to acting ethically and with integrity in its business dealings.

Our business and supply chains

Smart Airfare is a Travel Agency employing over 25 staff.

Smart Airfare encourages transparency in its supply chains and is implementing a programme of measures to mitigate the risk of slavery and human trafficking within its supply chains and the businesses is committed to having an ongoing and open dialogue with its suppliers and working with them to ensure robust preventative measures are in place and it will continue to seek confirmations over time.

Supporting Policies

Smart Airfare has in place the following policies reflecting its commitment to acting ethically and with integrity in all its business relationships:

  • Anti-Bribery Policy;
  • Equality and Diversity Policy;
  • Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblowing) Policy.

Due diligence processes for slavery and human trafficking

As part of Smart Airfare initiative to identify and mitigate slavery and human trafficking, systems will be developed to:

  • Identify and assess potential risk areas in our supply chains;
  • Mitigate the risk of slavery and human trafficking occurring in our supply chains;
  • Monitor potential risk areas in our supply chains;
  • Provide staff with training to assist them in understanding the risks of slavery and human trafficking.

We will assess and monitor any risks through our risk register.

Supplier adherence to our values

Smart Airfare has a zero tolerance approach to slavery and human trafficking and it expects it suppliers and contractors to uphold the same values. It will not conduct business knowingly with anyone engaged in slavery and human trafficking practices or knowingly permit them to be carried out in any part of its business. We are adapting our standard supplier terms and conditions to include applicable anti-slavery provisions and will look to secure similar protection in all relevant supply arrangements.


To ensure a high level of understanding of the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains and our business, we will provide training to our staff to assist them in identifying and preventing exploitation.

Our effectiveness in combating slavery and human trafficking

We will know the effectiveness of the steps that we are taking to ensure that slavery and/or human trafficking is not taking place within our business or supply chain if:

  • No reports are received from employees, the public, or law enforcement agencies to indicate that modern slavery practices have been identified.
  • Internal training is completed on understanding and preventing Modern Slavery

Approval for this statement

This statement was approved by the Board of Directors on 20 November 2020.

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